Q.E.D. based in Oldham, Greater Manchester was originally set up as a delivery company in 1989. Additional services have been added over the years and as a result in 2014 we re-branded as Q.E.D. Business Services.

In 2016 we launched 'THE LOADING BAY'. It is an online platform for selling end of line,surplus and bulk stock,etc and in 2019 we added 'THE LOADING BAY' to our main web site.This means as well as a fully stocked online packaging shop we now have a second shop on this web site selling everything!

So to summarise we now provide delivery services,packaging supplies,and an online shop where you could see anything from General household and bric a brac to Antiques.We even have a free section within that shop.

The next paragraphs contain useful information about visiting our site and placing orders and we recommend that you just take a few minutes to read them before proceeding.


JUST ONE VERY IMPORTANT POINT.........To keep our overheads down we operate from a warehouse that is unmanned most of the day.Please always ring first before driving round to visit us as we would hate for you to have had a wasted trip.

Thank you for visiting!

We have a no minimum order FREE delivery service to the following postcodes ;  M24,M35,OL1,OL2,OL4,OL8,OL9.




Our web site in brief

We have tried to keep navigating the site as easy as possible and the buttons at the top of this page are pretty self explanatory.We now have two online shops a section about our well established courier services and some recommended 3rd party suppliers.At the time of relaunch our web site like thousands of others shows up on google as not secure.We fully understand if you don't wish to proceed with ordering online and you are welcome to telephone us instead.However if you do order online any payment details you enter are not seen by us and are processed by third party secure websites.The option to have our own security certificate is under review.Please feel free to ask us for an update on this at any time.



We sell our products in many different ways and to many different types of customer so it is important for us to be accessible to all.A large number of people use the internet to source products but for various reasons do not like to complete the sale online.Here at QED we understand this and are pleased to offer the following alternatives:

e-mail:  If you are interested in buying from us but would like to speak to someone first or if you have any general enquires please don''t hesitate to e-mail us either from the contact page on our web site or direct to qedoldham@gmail.com .

Telephone: It may seem obvious but some people still think because they are in an online shop there are no humans around.Well maybe in fifty years or so when your order is picked and delivered by robots but until then we are a small enough company to still talk to people on the telephone.If you feel more comfortable ordering by telephone please don''t hesitate to ring us.

The best time to contact us urgently is 8am to 6pm Monday-Friday on 07850 772046. Outside of these hours please leave a message and we will call you back during those hours.

Our warehouse: We  accept callers direct to our warehouse by prior arrangement only. To save on staffing cost, thus keeping our prices competitive, our warehouse is left unmanned whilst we are out delivering.Please remember also if you are in easy calling distance of our location then you probably qualify for free delivery anyway.